Why We're Different
"When Not To Let Go"

Some say I have a hard time letting go, and as proof our office still has most of the projects for which we’ve provided quotations on in the past.   But surprisingly, some of the projects that we had considered "dead" have recently circled back to become inquires and orders.  This is after 5, 10, or even 30 years have passed.  

Keeping all those old blueprints and all the needed information to provide a new quotation has made the quoting process much easier for us, and reduced the vast amount of time for the buyer to pull all this information together.

Once a project is lost I have seen many sales people and manufactures purge the project permanently from their system.  These parts had been lost for various reasons....price, relationship, lead-time, off shoring.  I may never know the real reason why the project was lost, but saving this information is paying off.

The opportunity to quote these parts again has stemmed from a number of reasons.  “On Shoring” is becoming popular, we may know a more efficient production method, the customer may now be having supplier issues, or the current relationship may be fizzling.   Over the course of the last 2-3 months there have been approximately $600,000 in older parts being re-quoted for which we will be awarded the business.  This is one occasion I am glad I did not let go as it has been a win for our customers as well as our suppliers.

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